Are you a certified business?

Yes! I'm a wedding photographer in Greece and you can find our business on google! We have heard many horror stories about photographers who disappeared, and we want you to remain calm, as  we sign a contract with all the detals!

Can I customize the package I want, according to my needs?

Of course! Each ceremony is unique, and we will help you make your own package together!

How many photos do you deliver to your customers?

Like we said before, each ceremony is unique, and that way, the number is different! After selecting the files, the photos are processed one by one. In a full wedding package (preparation of the groom-bride, ceremony, 3 hours of reception and next Day) 1100 - 1700 images are delivered.

How long does it usually take you to edit and deliver the images?

This is something that depends on the workload! This procedure usually takes 5 - 10 weeks.

Are the photos you submitted free to use? Can my family print any they might want?

Our photos are free to use!


Can I use the photos wherever I want?

Of course! You can do anything you want with the photos ! All files are delivered online.

When is the payment made?

30% of the amount is given to secure the date, and the rest is given the day of the event.

You also travel outside Athens?

Of course, we go anywhere and bring our best mood with us!

Do you also offer photobooks?

We do not print albums ourselves, but we recommend photobook companies that we trust!We will include them in our offer and we will make together what you have dreamed!

And videos? Do you offer this?

We have people we often work with, and we will give you our reccomendation, along with samples of their work, so that you have the opportunity to talk to them and describe directly what you imagine!




Fill out the form below. We will check the availability and get back to you with our online brochure with our packages, method, and a few stuff about us.We are here to respond to any questions you might have.


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