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favorite moments 2022

As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing and capturing some of the most beautiful and meaningful moments of people's lives. The year 2022 was full of such moments, from tears of joy to belly laughs, from heartfelt vows to crazy dance parties. In this blog post, I'll share with you my nine favorite moments from weddings I photographed in 2022, along with the stories behind each photo. These moments touched my heart, and I hope they will touch yours too.

Favorite Moments 2022


9. Helena's And Nick Elegant Church Ceremony

Churches give off this intimidating, classic vibe that we love in photography. Fabrics like lace and tulle, have this amazing texture on pictures when lit by the sun passing through a church's door. Along with the importance of the moment of union of two partners, creates an emotional and dramatic effect. This one is our favorite confetti photo of the year, taken at Helena's and Nick’s church wedding in Greece.


8. Laureline & Eric's first kiss as a married couple

See their wedding in Greece here.


7. Christine & her daughter ready to go for their wedding - christening in Evia

This beautiful mother - daughter duo got ready in a magnificent italian villa in the Greek Countryside. The day was lovely , warm and sunny, perfect to go meet the man of their lives.


6. An emotional First Dance in Greece, where Azniv & Thymios walked down the aisle.

Greece is just the best place for an outdoor romantic reception, with its warm summers and beautiful nature. Azniv and Thymios had their dream wedding here this July.


5. Liana and Mike starry -eyed after their sunkissed outdoor ceremony in Greece

Our favorite ceremonies are the ones taking place in Castles and stone old buildings. But the beauty of a white chapel by the sea in the direction of the sun- it's just so amazing. The warm light gives the perfect colours to a chapel wedding, and the veil is absolutely harmonious with the white environment and greek style yard.


4. Ellie in ecstasy parting on her wedding day in Greece

We met this absolutely stylish bride, who's a fashion designer. She told us about her vision of her wedding : Boho, beach party vibe, they wanted to have crazy dancing as part of their day. We are always fascinated with each unique wedding's aspects.

This photo is from the bride's dance on the table, late night partying. We had an absolute blast, as they dragged us to dance with them in Athens, Greece.


3. Carolina and Panos's magical engagement in Athens Riviera


2. Samantha & Dimitri sharing an intimate moment during their reception in Greece


1. Couple embracing during their portrait session in Temple of Poseidon in Greece

Sometime in life you go to places that have something unique. That evoke emotions. That give off this sense of infinity. Some places have a historic significance and are tied strongly with the culture and civilization of a country. And those places are intimidating to see.

This location was really out of this world. The temple of Poseidon in Athens is a monument of antiquity.

When you discover those kind of places, they stay forever in your memory.

Each wedding is unique, and every couple brings their own personality, style, and love story to the day. As a wedding photographer, I feel honored to capture these precious moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. The nine moments I shared in this blog post are just a small selection of the many beautiful moments I witnessed in 2022. I hope these stories and photos have inspired you and given you a glimpse of the magic that happens on a wedding day. If you're looking for a wedding photographer to capture your own special moments, I would be honored to tell your story through my lens.

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