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How to not be overwhelmed with stress planning your wedding in Greece

Soon after the proposal, that time to plan your wedding in Greece has come. This is an exciting time but at the same time can be very stressful, especially if you do not manage it properly.

We all feel that the preparation of our Wedding in Greece has to be exciting and tireless, being always happy and ready to combat any problem that might appear. But the truth is that we are only humans and it is quite normal and understanding to feel helpless, desperate and clueless.

Many times that a bride gets really stressed out is a result of people around her, but also of her own expectations, setting the bar too high. Things like the weather forecast, can get really into our nerves and hinder us from enjoying the planning of our wedding.

Seek the help of others!

A wedding planner can really help you and take care of everything , while creating a timeline of your planning. Your partner, your friends, your bridal party,your relatives can be also equally helpful & supportive throughout the whole process. The more intense and complete will be the feeling of satisfaction when you arrive at your destination, having people close to you who trusted and stood by you and now share your unique moments with you .

Set Boundaries Sometimes friends & family gets in the way of our planning process and you have to be ready to handle their ideas , requests or spontaneous decisions. The key is to speak your mind and be true about your wants an emotions. A good way to keep everyone calm is to listen to their suggestions but also be honest about your views on the matter.

It's ok to have some difficult moments

It's very important and good for your mental health to accept negative emotions like stress and anger throughout planning your destination wedding in Greece. Even if the wedding is approaching soon, it is more than ok to feel under pressure. Try to accept those emotions and not get angry at your self for feeling what you feel.

Take better care of yourself This is the best time to focus on your self and find ways to relax and unwind. Go for a drink, meet some friends, have a couple's massage. Running around to get everything ready can take a toll on your emotional state and make you feel tired.

Have fun & enjoy your day as it is! Things in life come unexpectedly, and that's the beauty of it! Do not fixate in things that didn't go as planned, as this is not something realistic. Your goal is to experience what you have dreamed of,and even if not perfect, will be uniquely designed and dreamed by you, with a bit of stress and by the side of your loved one!


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