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Our Tips to plan your wedding in Greece without stress

You're now on the finishing line. The day of your wedding in Greece approaches. it's time to think well about the last details. In order to take full advantage of every moment, here are some tips to get through calmly your Greece wedding planning. The backward planning

2 months before the wedding in Greece
  • Follow up with your guests to confirm their presence

  • Depending on the number of children, book your babysitters.

  • Refine the wedding playlist with the DJ and/or the musicians for each moment: Ceremony, Cocktail and Dinner.

  • Finalize with your celebrant the course of the Ceremony.

  • If it's not already done, think about your accessories

1 month before the wedding in Greece
  • Follow up with the last guests that haven't responded yet.

  • Make your final fittings for your outfits.

  • Finalize your decoration purchases.

  • Print your stationery.

  • Finalize your decoration

  • Refine the schedule of the wedding day

15 days before the wedding in Greece
  • It's time to finalize the rooms for accommodation

  • Slowly start the table planning.

  • Connect the DJ with your witnesses.

  • Have you received your wedding gown and your groom's suit?

10 days before the wedding in Greece
  • Start writing your vows.

  • Finalize your decoration.

  • Update your table plan based on the latest responses.

  • Ask each professional for their invoice.

The week of the wedding in Greece
  • Send the caterer the final plan of tables.

  • Send your accommodation the final room number.

  • Finalize the last payments and prepare your envelopes.

The day before the wedding in Greece
  • Welcome your vendor team.

  • Welcome your loved ones and direct them to their respective rooms.

  • Delegate operational tasks as much as possible to your vendors and/or your relatives.

  • Relax with a couple's massage.

  • Enjoy this evening of reunion.

  • Sleep early to be in good shape the next day!

The table plan

Before you send your table plan, make sure:

  • To know if some have intolerances or allergies.

  • Distinguish the number of children, teenagers and adults.

  • The electrical capacity of the place and the needs of the caterer and the DJ for the smooth running of your reception.

1.The plan of tables in the space
  • Ask for a plan of the reception hall. If he doesn't have one, make a sketch.

  • Place your tables in the space and for each, indicate the name you have chosen + the number of guests.

2. Placement of your guests

The different options available to you:

  • For the wedding table:

Most brides opt for a large table of 12 to 18 people. This table is usually placed so that all the guests can see the newlyweds.

  • Who to sit with whom?

The puzzle begins! Get your parents involved by asking them to place their friends and distant cousins ​​by table and/or place. They will be delighted and it will relieve you.

For the rest of your guests, take care of:

  • Gather people by affinity. Age and lifestyle are just as many criteria to take into account. If all your friends and families know each other, it will be easy.

  • If you have gifts from male/female/child guests, indicate their gender on the guest list: Example M / F or C.

  • For food intolerances, opt for a color code and report it on the table plan.

Useful figures

For a rectangular table: 200x100cm = 6 to 8 people – 240x100cm = 8 to 10 people

For a round table: 120cm = 6 people – 150cm = 8 people – 180cm = 10 people

For a seated reception: 1m2 per person seated + a space of 3m from table to table

For the dancefloor: 1/2 m2 per person

The time schedule Questions you need to ask yourself first: What are the key moments of your marriage? Who does what ? If you don't have a wedding planner, identify the people who will plan the logistics of your wedding day and assign them each a specific task. What do you want to keep from this moment? Once you have answered these questions, you can start setting up the time schedule of your wedding. Anticipating each moment of the day will be the key to your peace of mind.

The day before the wedding in Greece

  • What time will you have access to the reception venue?

  • Is it possible to set up the decoration the day before the wedding?

  • Do you want to organize a "welcome dinner" with your loved ones the day before the wedding?

The wedding day Where will the wedding preparation take place? And from what time?

Are there guests to pick up at the port or airport and who takes care of them?

What are the possible travel times to get to the Ceremony? Who is in charge of decorating the ceremony and setting up the various accessories?

Do you want to do a First Look with your loved one before the Ceremony?

Who manages the taking down the decoration of the Ceremony?

Do you want to take couple and group photos, and when?

Who manages the young children and when should they be fed?

What time would you like to sit down to eat? (Take into account the transition with the cocktail and serving time of the guests)

When would you like to eat your dessert?

What time do you want to dance?

What time are you required to finish the evening?

From what time do the shuttles take over to accompany your guests to their accommodation?

Managing your wedding vendors

15 days before the wedding, contact all of your wedding vendors by phone or email to finalize your schedule. For each you should ask:

  • Their end of service time in order to indicate it in the schedule

  • Their invoices so that you can already pay it or prepare their envelopes: WE DO NOT TAKE OUT OUR AGENDA ON THE WEDDING DAY.

An advice Do not forget to plan a vendor meal on the evening of the wedding for each professional present. Most of them will have worked hard and they will enjoy sitting down and eating cooked food.


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