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Tips for Brides from a Wedding Photographer in Greece

What is the scariest thing about a bride at the wedding?When does she ask for the help and assistance of others? Certainly not for walking down the aisle, which is the easiest part of the process. What looks scary is the planning, which can take from a few weeks, to months or a year and a half . Is this an exaggeration? Certainly not.

Photography of the bride's getting ready

It is important to organize everything as the bride and groom want, of course, to arrange in advance with the wedding planner. We are here to highlight some points to have the wedding photos you expect from us. So let's begin: Many times make-up artists and hairdressers go off schedule and steal your time, so there is less left for photography.

The bride & the wedding photographer are the ones greatly affected by this. Therefore, it is important to draw the attention of all professionals to the issue of time, so as not to let the groom waiting. Above all, we want everyone to be able to do their best. We certainly do not want a stressed make-up artist, because we do not want to correct the mistakes and imperfections in the wedding photos.

The guests and bridal portraits

Space. When there is enough, it does not concern us. But when it is missing, it is a problem, especially when many of your loved ones that want to share their happiness with you, will have to fit within a few square meters of a room. We should give them the opportunity to see you and talk to you, but they will also have to give us space to move.There should be understanding and flexibility from your guests, and you will have a great result of bridal photos.

And it is time to leave your accommodation to go to the ceremony venue. Sometimes there's no stress, sometimes there's a little, sometimes a lot of it. Getting anxious because everyone is focused on you. Good weather. Sometimes the bride can have difficulty getting out of the car because of the uncomfortable wedding dress. Whatever happens, when it's time to walk down the aisle, where the groom is waiting for you, enjoy the moment. Yes, you can take a sneak peek at your decorations , but you will also see him later in the photos from your wedding. Walk without haste during these seconds. Enjoy them.

Even if it rains, someone will find an umbrella for the bride.It will be up to you to decide if the guests' hair will be a bit ruined or not. Take the flowers that the groom will offer you and kiss him on the lips.


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