Anastasia Rassia
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Rania & Dimitris ,Wedding in Melissourgos Tower 5/9/2021
Since I was little I remember being moved by images. I used to watch the world around me and thinking what could be their story.
A couple, in each others arms, sitting under the sunset at the edge of the mountain, looking at the valley & the golden light that makes the greens glowing. I wonder, was it the same one that I saw at the chapel? That when she arrived with her fairy tale long white dress which made her look like a nymph he invited her to come to him? Was it the same couple that was dancing under a starry sky to the song that he dedicated to her, a few days after their first kiss? They stayed at the garden, by the sea, listening to the waves, the chatting & laughter of their friends, watching the fireworks that on this night, they were twirling at the dark sky only for them.


I started my career in Photography after I left what I was doing before this, to follow my dream. I got involved with portrait & documentary photography at first. My first wedding to shoot was in Athens,Greece. It was the first time for my shooting a wedding, and I never thought that this would drive my work life towards Weddings.

Since then, I work still with weddings, each year more passionately than the previous, with a need to always get better and this mind state: capture the romance & emotions around me.

What Inspires me
Travelling & Countryside


“Take the road less travelled” they said, “not all those who wander are lost” and “if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal” . Someone else was just “a passenger, and they rode and they rode”, and Homer, described us everything that captured Ulysses’ attention, as he was making his journey around Greece. Love to be near the most virgin places on earth, with the person I love the most, tasting what each unique place has to offer, swimming in crystal waters, watching the best colors this universe gives to us.

Real People & Emotions


Side by side with my favourite people, in our private paradise, touching each others’ souls. this is truly a blessing that people get to experience.


the motivation you feel after a small personal success, the tears of happiness you get from feeling truly grateful having someone in your life, the momentarily glow in your face when you think of a funny thing that no one will understand if you say it, all this are the best moments because they make us feel more real.


Intense emotions are my life’s goal.

Breath Taking Landscapes


Glowing green bushes, golden light, awe- inspiring places and interesting textures. A landscape gives a specific meaning and importance to the ones who are standing there. Being a bit minimalist & romantic myself, I love to work with couples in amazing places, sometimes away from popular attention, or even in historic landmarks. I am always ready for the best adventures out there.



" Thank you very much for our beautiful wedding photos! spontaneous photos, in which our joy and the good time we and our guests had is reflected! amazing colours in all shots, incredible work! congratulations! very good professionals and really kind! thank you once again! we will have you with us for our baby's photos! "

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