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The moment you have been waiting for and planning for so many months has arrived! Your wedding day has arrived and although we are sure that you have planned everything we would like to give you some tips to make your day easier. Having so many successful wedding photos, we came up with the best 5 Tips for your wedding in Greece.

Time management

On your wedding day so many things happen at the same moment and it is very easy to lose the sense of time. It would be good to talk to your photographer to let them give you their advice about the hours and make a schedule of how you will move around that day. With the right organization you will be able to take the photos you have dreamed of and you will avoid unpleasant situations such as being late for the ceremony, or being late to enter the reception area.


Summer weddings in Greece are usually pretty hot. Make sure that there are bottles of cold water for you and your guests, they will help you when you need them and the people who will be waiting to greet you.


It is good to have some of them them by your side at all times to help you. They will take care of the guests, helping them around or even to finding someone who may be missing from the family photos and delaying the photo shoot.

Breathe and Smile

What every couple wants for their Greek wedding is to really enjoy it & have fun. There might be some stressful moments but never forget to enjoy every moment and have the best time you can with your partner. The planning is over and now all you have to do is to enjoy it, so relax and smile. This will make your photos even better, because it will capture the true emotions of you and your partner!


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