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7 common mistakes of planning a wedding in Greece and how to avoid them

It's safe to say that wedding is considered the most important day in the life of a couple. However , too much stressing over the planning (especially for a destination wedding) leads to a few mistakes, and we are hear to educate you on how to avoid making them.

Check that the reception venue can host your guest count It's really important to make sure that your guest count can be served for the specific venue you have in mind before making the reservation. This means that your guest will need enough space to dine & dance.

Don't forget that it's your day

Sometimes friends & relatives have their own aspirations & requests for our wedding. But remember that this day is about you, your partner, and the celebration of your love. Everything else should come second.

Think of the weather conditions A wedding in Greece is very likely to have a great weather. However it's really important to have a plan B just in case. If you want to not be stressed in sight of a little bit of rain, make sure that you have an alternative.

You can be as traditional as you want to Not all weddings have to be traditional. If it something that makes you happy then incorporate cultural traditions, but you don't have to do it. With or without tradition, your wedding in Greece will be a magical day that you will remember forever!

Set your budget

In order to create a unique experience for you and your family & friends, you will need to decide on a budget! You don't want to end up with a few money and having an important element of your wedding in Greece missing..That is why, when you decide on your expenses before hand, you opt in for the stuff you really want to have on your day.

See the bigger picture

The significance of your wedding is to celebrate your love and the beginning of your journey together. Sometimes we can fixate on unimportant details (or ok, a little bit important) and we are unable to enjoy what we experience at this moment.

Don't miss the opportunity of having a videographer! We can say that having a video of your day can be a real treasure! You will possibly regret not having all those great moments of your Wedding in Greece caught on camera! You would love to relive this happy day through a short film!

Don't forget to make you wedding in Greece the way your and your partner likes! It's an one in a lifetime experience!


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