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Ask for an offer - wedding photographer in Greece

How do I request pricing from a wedding photographer for my wedding in Greece?

These tips can be applied to all wedding professionals.

Disclaimer: This is not a funny post. We would just like to inform the bride and groom.

We regularly receive requests such as “hello, Can you send us your pricing? Thank you. Kind Regards." (Sometimes it's even without the "hello", nor the "thank you", nor the "kind regards", but that's another story). We also often receive very nice messages with compliments on our images and lots of details about the couple and the wedding and that we love ! But short messages are quite regular, so we wanted to do a little blog about it. I know for a fact that brides and grooms ask for a quote because they don't know what else to ask from us and because that's what they've been told to ask for. Of course, I also know that the price that the bride and groom will pay is of interest to them and that this is essential information to communicate.

  • We cannot send an offer without the necessary information

But, on the one hand, you should know that you cannot make an estimate without any information on what the bride and groom are looking for, for their wedding in Greece.

We need some essential information:

- Your personal details such as your first and last names and your email address - Information concerning your wedding plans, the course of your day: all weddings are different, the coverage for your wedding in Greece can be for a few or many hours, etc...

- The date and place of your wedding

Like everything else in life, first we have to communicate what we would like in order to see how much something will cost us.

It's the same for a wedding photographer: whether you need a coverage from 2 pm or from 5pm, it will considerably change the price. Same if you want a coverage of a pre- wedding party the previous night, a photo album or other options.

It is also the same for other wedding professionals. For example, a florist cannot inform you about the price without knowing what type of floral arrangement you want, without knowing how many centerpieces will need, if there are other floral decorations to be planned, etc…

  • An offer is impersonal, being able to communicate is essential

On the other hand, I would also like to add that communication is very important with the professionals you choose. We put all our heart into capturing the images, standing by the bride and groom throughout the preparations . We really need to know what the bride and groom want, to talk to them about their expectations in terms of photography, to know if we can consider working together.

Even with the necessary information sent by email, sending a quote is impersonal. Sending a quote does not allow us to understand what you are looking for or whether we can meet your expectations, nor does it allow you to know if you will feel comfortable with your photographer . A quote will not answer all your questions about the course of your wedding day, about the way the photographer works.

Of course, you need to know how much you will pay your wedding photographer , it is essential. But we sincerely believe that a wedding is an event that deserves to be treated in a human way, with all the attention and care it deserves. It's not just about a price displayed on a document - a price you rarely know what it really is until you can speak with the professional who gave it to you.

So please, if you contact us, give us LOTS of information about you and your wedding. This already allows us to imagine the atmosphere of the wedding, to anticipate your expectations and it makes us much more eager to satisfy you, than a "how much is it for a wedding?" ".

To help you a little more with your inquiries, here is an example of an e-mail that you can send to the wedding photographer from whom you would like to receive information. "Hello , We hope you are well. We discovered your work and your website, we really like what you do. We would like you to capture our wedding in Greece. My partner and I are getting married on (dd/mm/yyyy) at (venue & city) We imagine our wedding ........... There will be about x guests. What is very important for us on our wedding day is ...... We would like a photo coverage, ideally from getting ready until a few hours into the wedding reception. Is there something you suggest? Would you be available on our wedding date? Could we discuss together in person your services? Looking forward to your reply, Have a great day, Best Regards, Boyfriend & Girlfriend" This was an attempt to educate couple about what to communicate while reaching out to us for a photography offer for a wedding in Greece. If you're looking for more advice for brides and grooms, you can check out the rest articles of our BLOG.


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