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Flowers to Decorate your Spring Wedding in Greece

At a time when flowers are in bloom and nature is full of colors, nothing is more ideal than a bright spring wedding in Greece! If you don't like dark colors, cloudy or snowy landscape, but you are a fan of flowers , bright colors and the sea, then a spring wedding in Greece is the best option for you. The season when flowers come to life, offers you a huge variety of options, and this comes hand in hand with stunning flower arrangements. The most beautiful centerpieces, the richest bouquets and the most special flowers will add vibrance, freshness and color that your wedding in Greece needs.

Photo from Comme ça Fleurs & Decor Website

Spring, the season characterized as the rebirth season for nature. What could be more beautiful than combining this new beginning of nature with the most beautiful beginning of your life, your marriage. At this time, nature generously offers you colors and combinations that can highlight all that you dream of for your wedding flower arrangement in Greece. Wildflowers such as freesias, anemones and neroli are excellent choices for this season. These flowers can give a romantic, minimal and bohemian style depending on how they will be combined. Don't hesitate to play with the colour palette of spring flowers.

It's spring, the most beautiful season of the year. An era that is directly intertwined with rebirth, vitality, joy and of course color! Along with the warm i atmosphere, spring has a wide variety of lowers, colours & smells! Hyacinth, freesias, amaryllis, anemones, violets, awaken the senses of each of us. The variety of all these special flowers with the special shape, fragrance and style have the ability to be combined in a unique way on your wedding day.


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