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Island Art & Taste Wedding Photographer

Island Art & Taste Wedding Photographer

I’m very lucky to be an Island Art & Taste Wedding Photographer. I still remember shooting my first wedding there. It is definitely one of the most luxurious venues I've seen!

About Island Art & Taste

What I love about Island Art & Taste is that they collaborate with the best wedding vendors. From the catering, to the dj & lighting, you are guaranteed to be working with the creme dela creme. They also recommend the best planners to help you design & coordinate your wedding.

When it comes to photography, the place is just ideal, and below you can see exactly what I mean.

By now you have probably realized that I love photographing weddings at Island Art & Taste and I’m lucky enough to have photographed there many times now.

Feel free to contact me for advice & availability below:

If you’re interested in getting married at Island At & Taste then here’s their website:

Location: 27th km of Athens - Sounio Av. 16672, Athens Riviera Athens, Greece


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