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Plan your symbolic Wedding in Greece

After the marriage proposal, comes the moment when you will decide what kind of wedding you want and of course all the details that follow. If you are having a symbolic wedding in Greece, don't worry at all, you can have the wedding of your dreams and without the legal ceremony. The choice of a symbolic wedding will not limit you in living this day as you wish.

Starting from the wedding fashion, which is concerning all brides-to-be, no one will limit you in wearing the wedding dress you imagine, however simple or dazzling you have in mind, from sparkling white to beige, nude or whatever shade suits you! As for the groom, he too can wear the suit he wants without restrictions or even a more casual outfit! Regardless of whether it is a legal or symbolic ceremony, it is your day, the day you will exchange love vows with your beloved and join the bonds of marriage, so you should be beautiful and radiant.

The decoration, details and special touches that will give style and style to your symbolic ceremony in Greece, will certainly not be missing. If allowed, you can decorate the wedding venue according to your taste, with colors and flowers that you love. Of course you can approach a wedding planner for extra help to suggest ideas and solutions. Don't neglect your bouquet, even for the symbolic ceremony it is a key detail! Make sure that your wedding bouquet fits the style of the wedding and there is a connection with the rest of the flowers in the decoration and also in the color palette. Don't forget the photographer to capture your best moments.

It doesn't matter if your ceremony will be symbolic, the photographer you choose will be there to create the best photos that will become happy memories! Whether you have a legal or a symbolic ceremony, you can organize the party or reception of your dreams without any difference. Where, how and in what style will be the reception that follows depends solely on you!

So basically, there are no basic differences when it comes to planning your symbolic ceremony! If you decide to have a symbolic ceremony in Greece, don't worry about missing out on the essence of the day... everything can be as you dreamed it!


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