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Pyrgos Petreza: Elegance & Luxury, in a Historic Building in Greece

The instigator and creator of Pyrgos Petreza, Giorgos Belbas, coming from a third generation viticulturist family, had winemaking in his heart and nurtured a special taste for good wine. Their vineyards, just a few minutes’ drive from Pyrgos Petreza, have the full care and attention from their specialist team, in order to produce juices full of aroma and taste.

For all the people in the team of Pyrgos Petreza, the wine experts, the viticulturists and their chef, wine holds a special importance, it has soul and meaning.

Meanwhile, as connoisseurs and lovers of wine, they organize and support many events, in order to diffuse the important efforts of Greek and foreign winemakers.

Pyrgos Petreza was designed from the start with respect to the local architecture and natural beauty. Their magnificent balcony (400m²) and their impressive garden of 1.800m² shape a magical environment, day and night. There is also free Wi-Fi and sound system in all the rooms, a power generator and an attic with a safe box. The kitchen, auxiliary spaces and all work spaces have been designed with respect to the people who work for your events, so they can give their best for you uninterrupted. Pyrgos Petreza was built from the start with a purpose of hosting. Devoted in that position, they design every menu from scratch –in order to be as unique as the occasion.

They choose seasonal materials, we respond to particular nutritional demands (children’s parties, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, halal, kosher), they design international recommendations which cover the whole span of international kitchen, they add details that carry special meaning for you and they present a complete tasteful experience, of the kind that remain unforgettable.

At the same time with your own events, their chef and his team channel their inspiration and art in the culinary nights that they systematically organize, every time with a different subject, but with common quality and taste. Miltiades Kioukas, executive chef with a rich CV, have been recognized and awarded many times for his gastronomic performances. Since he joined the team of Pyrgos Petreza in October 2013, he inspired, created and added his tasteful signature that they wanted for your events.

Their history meets yours, inside a setting made out of memories. A flexible space, dedicated exclusively to one event at a time. For all those days that will be remembered for a lifetime, Pyrgos Petreza is the ideal place.

Their chef with his team will take on the design of the menu, based on your wishes and their professional team can organize your wedding in every detail –as long as you ask them!


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