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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue are not the same for your wedding in Greece: A few important tips

Greece has so many beautiful places that you can't choose only one venue for your destination Greek wedding! He are some tips to nail a wedding in 2 different venues.

Sometimes the view during daytime is magnificent in one locations, but another one has some great lighting for the night reception! Or you may want the absolute best venue for your ceremony, but you have only a few guests to have the dinner there, and you decide on a traditional taverna. And this is much more common than you think for weddings in Greece. And for that reason, we are here to give you our tips to have the perfect wedding day.

1. Manage the Logistics

Having a destination wedding means that you are responsible for the transportation of your wedding guests. Of course some of your guests might opt in for having a private vehicle, so it's good to determine early on on what you will have to book prior to your arrival in Greece. A close friend or a family member can help you take care of the logistics of your wedding, making sure that every one is on time.

2. Guide your guests

It's not that difficult for your guest to forget that your reception will take place on a different venue. Not having a detailed map & timeline in your invitations is possible that will create confusion.

3. Give enough time for everyone to move between venues

Opting in for a non all-inclusive venue means that you will have to add some extra time for all your guests & bridal party to be transferred from one point to another. It's important to make sure that your guests will not miss the cocktail hour and not underestimate unpredictable delays in arrival to the reception venue. Of course, waiting for too long may tire your guests and keeping them hungry is definitely not fun!

Don't forget that your day is about you, and if something doesn't fit in with you, you don't have to do it. You can't please everyone, so just do your best!


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