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Pyrgos Petreza Athens Wedding


Pyrgos Petreza Photographer Athens | Wedding at Pyrgos Petreza | Athens Wedding Photography

I’m honored to have photographed the wedding of Kathryn & Greg at timeless Pyrgos Petreza in Athens. This couple was the nicest  ever.

Pyrgos Petreza Athens

The amazing countryside of Athens made Pyrgos Petreza the perfect venue  for this utterly romantic wedding. The old mansion, beautiful nature and golden Greek sun of Athens were the key elements for this stunning wedding.

Remembering this incredible wedding day, my mind goes to this unique secret garden theme they chose for their day. They put so much thought and love in their design!


So here is Kathryn and Greg and all their loved ones. I wish them all the best for them & their family.

Athens Wedding at Pyrgos Petreza | Athens Wedding Photography | Pyrgos Petreza Athens Photographer

Planning your wedding in Greece and would love to book me for wedding photography in Athens?  Contact me, I’m here to help you have the wedding of your dreams.

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