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6+1 Tips to Choose a Wedding Photographer in Greece

Finding the right photographer for your wedding in Greece is probably one of the most difficult things you will need to do because it is not easy to know how good they are from the beginning, as you can do for example with the wedding dress or the reception area. In the case of the photographer for your wedding in Greece , the right choice is proven when you get your hands on the wedding photos and videos. Only then, a bad choice is impossible to correct. We will give you some tips that will help you choose correctly, reducing to a minimum the chances of error and eliminating the stress of the choice.

1. Book your photographer early

When you have decided on the date of your wedding in Greece, it is a good idea to start looking for a photographer. Understandably, good photographers in Greece are in demand and you don't want, when you finally find the perfect one for you, to find out that they are already booked for that particular date.

2. Check their website, social media and general online presence. Nowadays it is quite easy to get a first overall picture of a photographer's work by visiting their website, blog and social media. Even from the design of the above you get clues about their talent, their artistic vision and their personality. In addition, since everyone has a website and social media, use wedding directories as an additional filter, as they seek to display the most reliable professionals on their pages.

3. Make sure their style matches yours. There are different styles of wedding photographers, from the classic ones who focus on the main points of the wedding and family photos, those who do photo-reportage, where - without interfering with the flow of the ceremony and the wedding reception - they capture more spontaneous moments, to the editorial , which are influenced by fashion magazines and studio shoots. Discuss with each other which style(s) best express you and seek out professionals who fit in them.

4. Arrange an online call

Once you've found your ideal photographer in Greece and you've made sure they're available on the date you need them, it's time to arrange an online meeting. It is very important to describe how you envision the day and what you expect from your wedding photography.

Pay attention to whether they listen to you and their suggestions are in the direction you imagine. It is essential to develop a special relationship with your photographer in Greece, since together you will spend most of the hours of your wedding and, if you feel comfortable but also confident about the result, you will be more relaxed and your photos will look the way you dream them.

5. Ask to see several of their galleries, not just photos from one wedding. Everyone can achieve an ideal photo at some point, but a good photographer will have a lot of great work to show you. In addition, you will be able to see how creative they are, how much they seek to differentiate and evolve. You wouldn't want to have the exact same pictures in your album as dozens of other couples, would you?

6. Do an engagement photo shoot. Many professionals recommend an engagement shoot and we highly recommend it. The photographer captures moments of you just spending time with your significant other enjoying each other's company, however this way you can get to know them better, find your chemistry, see how you behave with each other and you can see how it works. So on your wedding day you won't have the slightest anxiety about whether you will get beautiful shots.

Researching and choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding n Greece is a process we recommend you take seriously. After all, the more beautiful and successful your wedding, the more valuable the memories that will be captured on the lens and camera.


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