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Choose a Wedding Venue in Greece in 10 Simple Steps

Photo: Island Art & Taste

The place that will host the wedding is one of the most demanding choices that a future couple has to make. The space itself, the facilities offered, the food, are just some of the things that will concern you to to find the ideal choice. In this article, we present 10 simple steps you can follow to find the perfect wedding venue in Greece for your tastes!

Step 1: Budget Everything starts there, for every step of the wedding organization. Decide the type of wedding you will have, depending on your financial capabilities. Allow yourself small excesses if it suits your dreams. Remember, the point is for you and your guests to have a good time, not to add financial burdens you can't handle to your new life.

Step 2: The type of space Decide on the environment in which your wedding in Greece will take place. Do you prefer to dine indoors or outdoors? On the beach or in the countryside? In town or on an island? Do you want your guests to be close to each other or do you prefer to have plenty of space? These and other questions will tell you whether it is better to look for an estate, a private villa or a seaside venue. All this, of course, always keeping Step 1 in mind.

Photo: Pyrgos Petreza

Step 3: Date "Why not the date first?", you might ask, and rightly so. However, the date is subject to the law of supply and demand. You may decide on a date on which the venue you have chosen is not available. On the other hand, there are dates or days with lower demand where you may find interesting offers. In any case, if the exact date is important to you, you should organize early, otherwise it is good to have at least one alternative.

Step 4: Number of guests The number of guests is directly related to the previous steps. The first limitation that exists is in relation to your budget. You cannot have more guests than you can pay for. You also can't have more than the space can handle. But, often, there is also a limitation regarding the minimum number. Each wedding venue in Greece covers a different capacity of people, so it is good to know in advance how many people you will invite.

Photo: Pyrgos Melissourgou

Step 5: Aesthetics and style

These are two factors that only you can decide, but they will affect the outcome. Beyond the budget, the date and the number of guests, each venue has its own aesthetics, its own style and different possibilities in terms of decoration, decoration and set-up. Think about the overall style of your wedding in Greece and choose accordingly. Of course, the space itself can give you inspiration for the style you will follow. Either way, it's an important choice.

Step 6: Refine your choices

Exclude those spaces that do not meet your practical needs (eg. capacity of people, area), but also those that do not satisfy your personal taste. Somehow, the options that are left will be the ones that are really worth contacting.

Step 7: Get in touch

In each communication, you will need to mention the number of people and the date. It is the essential data that all professionals need.

Photo: Four Seasons Athens

Step 8: Learn more Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to find out. Ask about the amenities of each venue and don't take anything for granted. Some things you should know are: If the venue has its own kitchen or uses outside catering. In the second case, which is the catering, what menu does it suggest and can you try the food?

If there are additional services, such as sound coverage, decoration, whether or not there is free parking, valet parking and if they are included in the price you have received.

If your guests include people with special needs, ask if there is easy access for them.

If there are children, ask if there is space for their entertainment.

Photo: Grand Resort Lagonissi

Step 9: Visit and try It's finally time to visit the venues you've decided that can host your wedding in Greece ! With an appointment, you will be able to see up close and grasp the wedding atmosphere that each one will offer you individually. Examine the access, see each space, talk to its people and imagine yourself in the environment, in a leading role. If you can feel it yours, go for it!

Many venues offer the opportunity to attend the reception of another wedding, so you can examine how the venue actually works during one. Take the opportunity to see the space in action.

Photo: Rocabella Santorini

Also, ask what facilities are offered to you in case of unexpected weather conditions, but also if there is an alternative source of electricity (e.g. generator). Before you make your final decision, don't forget that good food will make a difference not only to you, but especially to your guests. Try the quality of the food offered to you and choose from the available menus. Of course, don't forget the drinks! And we don't just mean alcoholic beverages. Ask what kind of fresh drinks the catering offers you, the so-called pre-drinks that is, try the wine, and find out about any extra costs in case you want drinks with a high alcohol content.

Step 10: Seal the deal If you are satisfied with the above then you have reached the last step: booking. We don't have advice on how much you should pay, and we won't tell you how to negotiate the final price and terms of the deal. There are many factors that affect the final price. Make sure you get those that are important to you.

Photo: Canaves Oia


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