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How to add colour to your wedding in Greece

White or beige are the colours we always think of when we think about weddings. Of course, what gives an extra vitality to the wedding and makes it special is the colour palette that will be used. So do not hesitate to add colour to your wedding! To choose the colour palette you can be inspired by the season, new trends, ideas on the internet , or choose your favourite colours. Once you have chosen you colour palette, it's time to start designing your wedding in Greece.


Flowers are the most classic choice to add colour at the ceremony and to the dining area. You can choose the ones that represent you and match the style of the wedding.


During the reception, as the guests sit at the tables, the first thing they notice is the centerpieces which may have colourful flowers.

Colourful Wedding cake

Instead of having a white cake, you can opt in for a brightly coloured wedding cake, which is either decorated with colourful fresh flowers or ornate sugar flowers.

Colourful Shoes & Wedding Dress

If you want to add colour to your wedding, you can have it on you: light gray, pale pink or bold red wedding dresses, colourful flowers in the hair wreath and ultra stylish colourful bridal shoes !


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