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The 5 things you should know before your Greece wedding

so you don't get stressed at the last minute!

Even the most organized bride can easily get carried away by the craziness of planning and lose control and become stressed quite a while before her wedding. It's very easy to transform into a Bridezilla , but trust us if you keep these 5 basic tips in mind then everything will be fine and you won't have any reason to stress!

1. Make sure your wedding dress is ready to wear! In order not to suffer from too much stress, take care the night before your flight for your wedding to make sure that your wedding dress is ready and stored properly in its case.

2. Organize your accessories! On the morning before the flight before your Greece wedding, before you start preparing, make sure to collect all the accessories you will need (shoes, jewelry, engagement ring, veil, headpiece, etc.) in a specific place so that you don't have to frantically search for your earrings at the last minute!

3. Make an emergency kit! A lot can go wrong that day. In order to be prepared, it would be good to have a ready-made toiletry kit with all the essentials. Thread, needle, lipstick, nail polish, plasters and of course straws so you can drink your water or champagne while getting ready without ruining your lipstick.

4. Make a list of your wedding professionals! Make sure you have a list of all your wedding professionals ready with all their contact information, so you can find them quickly and immediately in case of a crisis.

5. Don't forget to hydrate! Water! A lot of water! Don't forget to drink a lot of water!! Lots of water and small snacks during the day will help you stay energized throughout the evening so you don't stop dancing for a moment.


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